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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Everyone, go see School of Rock right now. Then buy a Tenacious D album.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Some squirrel fried himself on our power lines today. Knocked out our power for a couple of hours. Poor squirrel.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Went and saw Underworld last night. It's kinda like Romeo and Juliet, but with vampires and werewolves. It was pretty good till the ending. Great fight scenes, sweet creature models, and this heavy gothic style throughout. Awesome soundtrack.

But the ending sucked. No one understands the concept of "tragedy" anymore. It wasn't a happy ending (thank God) but it wasn't a good one either. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Check out this pic of Santa Clause drinking Windex. Maybe this explains some of those gifts you got last year, huh?


Sunday, September 14, 2003

Sad days, people. A couple of days ago the legendary Johnny Cash died. As if you didn't know that already, right? Well, I hope you'll mourn with me, although not with excessive sadness. After all, he was old, and sick, and is probably in a better place now. So let us all now listen to a classic from the Man in Black.

Go on, go listen already...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I'm so ready for the weekend. Get some down time, catch up on sleep, maybe see a movie. I can't wait for it.

Less than a month and a half to go before the Renaissance Fair! Huray!!!! Can't wait forr that either. Me and some friends go down there every year and spend a weekend or two. It rocks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

It's early in the morning and I have a long way to go on an essay that's due tommorrow. Will I ever learn to not procrastinate?

No, probably not.

I hope I make it to school tommorrow without falling asleep at the wheel. That would be... unfortunate.

[Edit] You know, the time for this post reads 11:20 PM, but its actually 1:20 AM. Weird.

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